Following the Lottery Sherbrooke will pick 2nd in the 2017 QMJHL Draft!


The lottery took place Thursday at 11:30 am, at the Videotron Center, Quebec Remparts Temple. 4 club governors, unrelated to the teams involved in the lottery, supervised the raffle draw conducted by Pierre Leduc, Director of QMJHL Hockey Operations.

This draw is to determine the order of the top 5 picks of the last 5 teams in the 2016/2017 championship for the next draft in Saint John on June 3rd.

The teams running this draw were:

14th – The Foreurs of Val d’Or

15th – The Halifax Mooseheads

16 ‘- The Rimouski Oceanic

17th – The Sherbrooke Phoenix

18th – The Moncton Wildcats

With 43% chances and 9 balls in the abacus, the Moncton Wildcats were well placed to get the first choice. The Phoenix had 28% chance (6 balls), Oceanic, 14% with 3 balls, Halifax had a 10% chance (2 balls) and the Foreurs were resting their futures on 1 ball or 5% chance to draw first choice.

Screenshot 2017-04-07 to 14.23.30 copyAt noon, the live video¬†was taken on the Facebook account of the Phoenix to allow the followers to follow the draw. Jocelyn Thibault was one of the five guest directors on the set to watch the results … with a lot of impatience and excitement!

Let’s go! Pierre Leduc launches in the display of the signs with the logos of the teams. It starts with the 5th choice, then the 4th and the 3rd to chain with the 1st.

Val d’Or sees its logo appear on the first card of Mr. Leduc and inherits the 5th choice. Halifax takes the 4th and the Wildcats leave with the 3rd choice in their pocket.

Screenshot 2017-04-07 to 14.26.43 copySilence. Only on the set, Jocelyn Thibault and Serge Beausoleil, Managing Director and head coach of the Rimouski Oceanic, await, not without tension, the final verdict.

At that time, two feelings grabbed the Phoenix’s General Manager, the relief of going back with one of the two best picks and of course getting the final joust and speaking first on June 3rd.

It is finally the Rimouski logo that appears and becomes the owner of the first choice.

Obviously, the first choice would have been ideal and no one could say the opposite, but advancing second is excellent news for the training of birds!

Jocelyn Thibault does not hide his enthusiasm:


“I am very pleased on behalf of the organization of the Sherbrooke Phoenix of the turn of events with the 2nd ¬†place in the draft. This is great news for the team, the franchise and supporters. It is sure and certain that we will be able to pick a great player who will have the chance to evolve with excellent elements already involved in the team. A player who will be able to make the difference for the next few years here in Sherbrooke, to the delight of the fans. ”

Find the complete video of the lottery: click here.

Remember that the Phoenix also has the eleventh choice of first round.

This is a new and exciting adventure that awaits the organization of the Phoenix, players, volunteers, supporters and the entire Sherbrooke community!

The club wants to be enthusiastic and serene for the next season in 2017/2018. The next stage of preparation: the draft in Saint John, New Brunswick, on Saturday, June 3rd. An event that you can of course follow on the Sherbrooke Phoenix’s social media networks!

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